We're Tuxedo Ranch 


We've been around for a bit—since 1996 to be somewhat exact. We love working with folks who have an appreciation for quality and having fun with their projects. And on our end, we're all about providing customized promotional products and SWAG with a pinch of swagger.

With roots in art buying, we care about design and how your company and brand are represented. Over the years, we've honed our focus to providing products that are a cut above most promo products—focusing on higher-quality and environmentally sustainable goods. Some of our offerings are even manufactured right here in the USA.

We're the curated boutique shop on the corner that can also find just about anything you need. And from kickoff to delivery, we're here to make sure your products are produced with care and delivered on time. With like-minded manufacturers, craftsmen, and suppliers, we can pull off a wide range of projects for you. Have something in mind? 👋